Transfer Agent

Our Transfer Agent, Computershare Inc. (“Computershare”), provides a variety of shareholder services, including information about:
  • How to transfer shares
  • How to certify your social security or taxpayer identification number

Trust Beneficiary Information

Please click here for information for Trust Beneficiaries regarding the Brighthouse Financial distribution.

For changes that took effect on April 7, 2001 in voting rights of Trust Beneficiaries for Trust Shares and the option to withdraw your shares from the MetLife Policyholder Trust, please click here.

Trust beneficiary's & shareholder's faqs

Internet Inquiries

Computershare Inc. on behalf of MetLife, Inc., now makes it easy and convenient for you to access your MetLife, Inc. common stock or Trust Interest account online. After a simple and secure process of establishing a Personal Identification Number (PIN) with your Holder Account Number, you are ready to log in and follow the online instructions to perform the following functions:

  • Establish/Change your PIN
  • View your account status
  • Sell your shares (only if you are a Trust Beneficiary in the MetLife Policyholder Trust)
  • View pending Purchase transactions
  • Obtain historical MetLife, Inc. stock price information
  • Make address changes
  • View your distribution history
  • Replace lost or missing dividend checks
  • Request a duplicate Trust Interest Statement
  • Consent to electronically receive materials from MetLife, Inc.

Click here to visit Computershare for online access to your account

Telephone Inquiries

You may also make telephone inquiries toll free or request copies of MetLife, Inc. reports including informational brochures at (800) 649 - 3593.

Written Inquiries

Our Transfer Agent may also be contacted by writing to:

c/o Computershare
P.O. Box 43006
Providence RI 02940-3006

Members of the financial community and individual and institutional investors seeking additional information regarding MetLife, Inc. are invited to contact the Investor Relations Department.